Wholesale of footwear leather

PP Euroskór is a Polish company operating on the market for 30 years. We specialize in wholesale of natural leather for footwear production. Our suppliers originate from Poland, Western Europe, Asia and Africa. For the last three decades of our activity, we have been able to gather vast experience in the area of leather trade. We select best suppliers, provide convenient terms and conditions of sales and our products are characterized by good quality. In the course of long-term relations with our clients, we have come to know their needs and are able to provide them with a permanent access to excellent natural leather from all over the world.

Our portfolio encompasses cow, goat and sheep leather and hides for shoe uppers, as well as pig, goat and cow shoe lining. These include products typical of footwear industry such as nappa or aniline leather, as well as the most trendy products manufactured by our partners. We keep abreast of novel solutions in the leather industry, introducing them into our portfolio on an ongoing basis. Do you need assurance whether you use products in line with the latest trends? Send an inquiry about our offer: wholesale of footwear leather by Euroskór.

In 2017 PP Euroskór merged with the ICAR Sp. z o.o. company which performs distribution of leather chemicals by Italian producers: ICAP Leather and Alanchim Srl. Due to ongoing contacts with Italian technicians, we have constant access to brand new technologies and footwear leather finishing thanks to which we can present them to our recipients on the spot.

Wholesale of footwear leather

We operate across Poland, delivering products using our own fleet and provide services for all footwear centers in Poland.

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wholesale of footwear leather